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Hyper Shutdown 2.2

Turn-off, hibernate, lock, and perform other tasks with Hyper Shutdown
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Hyper Shutdown is a small yet useful utility that enables users to schedule automatic shutdown and other tasks. It presents a simple interface where all the options and actions are conveniently arranged. It's just as easy as choosing the time for an action to commence.

The list of actions that users can select include: shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate, hibernate & wakeup, reminder, and alarm. You can select one, then check "Forced Action" to force closing all programs. Also it offers the option to execute a file before closing, like running a virus scan. The inbuilt schedule allows to set a single-time event, or select the several days you want an action to take place on. Also you can set a countdown notification (a 10 second warning is minimum).

An alarm/reminder option is supplied with a personalized message in the new version of the program. And the program now supports setting audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, or MPG audio files to play along with the notification.

Unfortunately, setting multiple actions or multiple dates/times is not permitted. And users are limited to one action at a time, on the current day.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Scheduling tasks and shutdowns
  • Reminder
  • Wakes automatically
  • For Windows Vista too


  • Multiple actions are not supported
  • Multiple dates are not supported
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